Sonic Speed Strats Series

by | Dec 1, 2022

Essential Tips and Tricks

Need help finding all the collectibles you’re looking for? Need some pointers on getting around the open zones? Sonic Speed Strats is back to help novice explorers and expert trailblazers navigate the Starfall Islands and uncover the secrets hidden within!

In Episode 1, we’ll explain Sonic’s new skills as well as tips on how to excel at the islands’ challenges, how to work together with the inhabitants, and where to look for secrets in the open zones!

Episode 2 will walk you through the progression. To defeat the Titans and save his friends, Sonic will need to harness the power of the Chaos Emeralds. Learn more about the various collectibles required to unravel the mystery of the Starfall Islands and save the day before it’s too late. And if all else fails…Big’s always up for some fishing!

In Episode 3, we go to Cyber Space! To swiftly maneuver his way through Cyber Space, Sonic’s going to need to put his skills to the test! Luckily, this final episode of Speed Strats will provide the tips needed to reach that goal in record time. With a little practice, you’ll be flying through even the trickiest levels cough*1-2*cough with ease!