Through the power of teamwork, together we can accomplish anything! We have launched a new Fast. Friends. Forever. campaign to celebrate Sonic the Hedgehog’s amazing fans.

We all know Sonic loves to go fast, but also knows the importance of friendship, teamwork, inspiration, and loyalty. This initiative focuses on how Sonic and his friends demonstrate these values both in and out of the games.

This campaign goes all year long with a variety of events and activations. Keep checking this site for the latest updates!





Sonic is the living embodiment of being free as the wind. He’s the fastest thing alive! He spends most of his days exploring the world, experiencing its thrills, and finding new challenges. When he isn’t sprinting around at top speed, you’ll likely find him savoring a chili dog while relaxing in nature.

Sonic is an inspiration to everyone he meets. He gives his friends the courage to be their best selves, and even his fiercest rivals and enemies can’t help but respect his unstoppable will. While Sonic doesn’t play by anyone’s rules, he’ll always come to the aid of those in need to ensure they can live as free and happy as he does.


Amy is a spirited and athletic adventurer out to share her boundless love with the world. She wields her signature Piko Piko Hammer with incredible strength and grace to defend those in need.

Amy first met Sonic by following the guidance of her Fortune Cards. Unfortunately, the cards didn’t tell her about Metal Sonic… or did they?! Ever since, she’s pushed herself to grow as an adventurer in order to bring love and peace to the world. She may not be chasing after Sonic anymore, but he’s still number one in her heart.


Tails is a young fox just coming into his own and discovering his full potential. He’s a genius mechanic and inventor, as well as a swift and experienced adventurer. He’s also an ace pilot with a garage full of Tornado series airplanes.

Once a timid boy, Tails was ashamed of how his twin tails made him different. But then Sonic helped him realize that this difference also gives him amazing abilities, as he can use his tails to fly, propelling him across land or even underwater. Now Sonic’s best friend and partner in adventure, he’s grown a lot since those early days. Taking inspiration from Sonic, Tails now aspires to be a hero in his own right.


Knuckles is the guardian of the Master Emerald, a powerful gemstone tied to the history of the world. He also safeguards its home, Angel Island, a flying island paradise. He traverses the Earth’s varied, wild environments with incredible speed and impressive gliding techniques, while his stunning strength allows him to climb over, or bust through, any obstacle.

Knuckles is a serious and straight-forward warrior, which often leads to friction with Sonic’s witty, casual way of life. The two of them are staunch rivals, but with a deep and mutual respect for each other. Over time and countless adventures, Knuckles has come to open up a little and trust in the friends he’s met through Sonic. And while he isn’t the warm-and-fuzzy type, he’ll defend his friends with ferocious determination.


Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik is an unparalleled mechanic and genius. His dream is to conquer the world and reshape it in his image. To that end, he builds sprawling armies of robots and vast fleets of warships. This means he needs a lot of energy to fuel his conquests, so he’s often hunting down the Chaos Emeralds or other sources of arcane power.

Sonic used to tease him with the nickname “Eggman,” so the doctor took it for himself and made it his own. What once was a point of mockery is now his signature brand, and many fear the might of the “Eggman Empire.” While Sonic is his bitter enemy, Dr. Eggman can’t help but respect his incredible skill and spirit. Likewise, Sonic genuinely respects the doctor’s tenacity, although he wishes he’d use his genius for good.


Blaze hails from a parallel dimension. There she is the Imperial Princess of the Sol Empire and guardian of the seven Sol Emeralds. She defends and protects it all with stoic dutifulness and overwhelming fiery powers. She is swift, decisive, and shows little mercy to those who would bring harm to her people.

Blaze’s fearsome powers and station left her with very few friends until a fateful encounter with Sonic changed her life. Thanks to Sonic and his network of friends, Blaze found a community that accepted and cherished her. Now, with the power of the Sol Emeralds, she can freely visit Sonic’s dimension and be with her new companions.


Cream the Rabbit is a young girl with a huge heart who’s eager to help those in need, even though she needs help herself from time to time. Always by her side is Cheese the Chao, her stalwart companion. Cheese is constantly looking out for Cream and is ready to defend her at a moment’s notice.

Cream was raised to be very polite and proper by her mother, Vanilla. This makes her stand out amongst the casual and energetic crowd Sonic normally hangs out with. She loves helping her mother raise and care for the chao living in their prosperous Chao Garden, but when the opportunity arises, Cream gleefully joins the others and provides support by flying with her massive ears.


Shadow is known as the ultimate lifeform. He was created by Prof. Gerald Robotnik (Dr. Eggman’s grandfather) as part of a complex conspiracy involving the military and some ravenous aliens. Shadow has incredible speed, ferocious strength, and a rare ability called “Chaos Control” — by utilizing the power of a Chaos Emerald, he can stop time and appear to warp to a new position instantaneously.

Shadow is always on the prowl for dangers to the world. While he has no love for it or its people, they were cherished by his one friend: the late Maria Robotnik (Dr. Eggman’s cousin). He protects Earth in honor of her memory; willing to do anything, and fight anyone, to ensure no one threatens the world Maria cherished. While Shadow prefers to be alone, he allows himself to trust in the occasional support of Rouge and Omega. They are the only ones he can count on for help that won’t question his methods.


Rouge is truly a skilled and tenacious jill-of-all-trades. She’s an expert spy, adept flyer, an accomplished jewel thief, a trained fighter, and even wields custom demolitions. Some people just have it all!

Rouge doesn’t play favorites and will happily work for anyone so long as it gets her what she wants. Her cunning and wit make it hard to tell when she’s being coy and when she’s really acting as a double-agent. Her sincerest bond is with Shadow, whom she earnestly respects and supports. Rouge knows she can count on Shadow when she needs him, and that he won’t question her motivations.


Omega is the last in the E-100 Series; powerful battle robots built by Dr. Eggman. Omega is a walking arsenal with all manner of lasers, missiles and incendiary devices hidden in his bulky frame. If he can’t shoot it down or blow it up, he can rend it asunder with his razor-sharp claws and immense strength.

Omega felt like he was being devalued by Dr. Eggman, and so he rebelled. Now his single-minded objective is to destroy all of Dr. Eggman’s creations to prove to his creator he is the strongest – before finishing off the doctor himself! While there isn’t anyone who would call him a “friend,” he shares a grim rapport with Shadow and Rouge. He knows he can trust them to support his violent campaign without trying to hold him back.


Silver is a young, aspiring hero from two hundred years in the future. He commands powerful psychokinesis which allows him to manipulate objects with his mind, fly through the air, and even teleport short distances. While he means well, his naivety can sometimes lead him astray.

Silver’s time period was once ravaged and ruined, but together with Sonic, Blaze, and others he helped restore its blue skies and peaceful days – even if he can’t remember how. These days he travels to Sonic’s time via mysterious portals that appear when things in the past go awry. He’s dedicated to doing whatever it takes to ensure the future remains peaceful and prosperous.


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